My “Quest” For Part Of Jimmy Page’s Astrology Chart

I was never interested in astrology, until I found out Jimmy Page was…

Yesterday, I decided that I wanted a detailed description of Jimmy Page’s Rising Sign (Ascendant), Sun Sign, Moon, Venus, and Mars from his chart (that you can make for free at Astrolabe). But in order to do that, I needed to know his birthday, as well as where he was born, and at what time.

His birthday (January 9, 1944) is common knowledge, but I still needed to know where he was born, and at what time. So I looked up his birthplace of Heston, West London, Middlesex, England (U.K.) on Who Dated Who, but narrowed it down to London, (U.K.) for Astrolabe.

If you pay close attention to his stage wear, you can figure out what Jimmy Page’s Rising Sign/Ascendant (Scorpio), Sun Sign (Capricorn), and Moon is in (Cancer), because the glyphs are embroidered on his clothing.

And from his birthday, you can find out on a chart from Café Astrology what his Venus is in (Sagittarius) and what his Mars is in (Gemini).

Using Astrolabe’s free astrology chart, I put in his birthday and birthplace, and then proceeded to play with the hours, until his Rising Sign (Ascendant) was in Scorpio, his Sun Sign was in Capricorn, his Moon was in Cancer, his Venus was in Sagittarius, and his Mars was in Gemini; making him born sometime around 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.

Below is a link that’ll lead you right to the fruits of my labor

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